Identify hashes using javascript.

This plugin allows you to identify hashes using regular expressions.

$(this).hashIdentity(hash); Returns: Array of hash types it may be.


By passing a string of the hash to the plugin it will return a list of possible hash types it could be.


var listOfHashes = $(this).hashIdentity(“35d715dbd2b390af1f5596b2118f7216”);


Visit: http://ryanmcdonough.co.uk/hashidentity/index.html

Hash Generation – Self Hosted

Recently I built http://hashfor.me, a hash generation service. Though I do get a reasonable amount of visits I couldn’t see a future of it being a serious project due to people’s valid security concerns of entering text you want to hash on a website you don’t own yourself, so I released the code.

You can find the code on Github here, it makes use of the CrytoJS and ZeroClipboard libraries to make it a pleasant user experience.#

The readme being:

Browser based hash generation, making use of CryptoJS to allow you to self host a quick and easy hash generator.

Originally built for hashfor.me, this project is a quick hack together of resources to allow you to generate hashes with ease.

You can generate:

SHA3, BMW, Halfskein, MD5, SHABAL, Cube Hash, AES, SHA1, SHA255, SHA512, BLAKE, Rabbit & RIPEMD-160

View a live version at https://hashfor.me

Licensed under BSD-3, Enjoy!