hullstrap release

So yesterday I released hullstrap 0.2, hullstrap being an instance of themed with bootstrap and some extra custom stylings.

It provides widgets for:

  • Identity (Full page & compact button)
  • Friends (Full page & compact friends list)
  • Comments and Commenting (On activities)
  • Activity (Full page & compact list)
  • Lists (Full page)
  • Share & Like Buttons

Hopefully making customising hull a little easier for new people.

Though of course you are wondering what hull is? Hull is a pretty cool service allowing you to create social apps in a weekend.

hull is a full stack social platform as a service. It makes it easy for developers to build social apps with open and reusable components.

Basically taking the effort out of connecting to github, twitter or facebook and taking advantage of those services as well as making your site social in an instant.

Download hullstrap from Github, or have a look at the demo.

andLinux Project

What a great project, a full Ubuntu system within Windows. Coming in XFCE and KDE flavours, you get:

  • A fully functional Linux system, however without the usual desktop (you already have one from Windows)
  • A second Xfce panel e.g. at the top of your Windows desktop, from which you can start Linux applications.
  • Linux applications and Windows applications can be used simultaneously and you can cut and paste text between them, pipes (a Windows application writes something into a Linux application) do work as well.
  • Synaptic to install further applications. Synaptic on Windows – why did no-one think of this before?!

This is a great system for those must have Linux app’s you have to use when you have to use a Windows system, this is obviously for people who use Linux already and have to use Windows in some aspect of their life for either work on an application that Wine can’t quite do just yet.