jQuery Pseudo Random Number Generator Plugin

Yesterday I released a jQuery plugin to generate true random numbers based on the brilliant work done by Steve Gibson to create an Ultra-High Entropy Pseudo-Random Number Generator.

This takes the work Steve has done, and automates some of the steps used on the demo page such as generating the entropy and setting the range & count for the loops – though you can change those.

Example code

var options = { range: 10001, count: 10001 };
var x = $(this).uheprngGen(options);

You can download the plugin here from Github.

This plugin was featured on the amazing DailyJS site.

2 thoughts on “jQuery Pseudo Random Number Generator Plugin

  1. It would be nice to be able to specify callbacks to handle specific status codes. Supporting this would make extending $.ajax behavior more difficult (for things like http://plugins.jquery.com/project/rest ). So, along with this, it would be nice to support a ‘ready’ callback that would be called once the XHR is done and before any other callbacks are executed.

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