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Recently I built http://hashfor.me, a hash generation service. Though I do get a reasonable amount of visits I couldn’t see a future of it being a serious project due to people’s valid security concerns of entering text you want to hash on a website you don’t own yourself, so I released the code.

You can find the code on Github here, it makes use of the CrytoJS and ZeroClipboard libraries to make it a pleasant user experience.#

The readme being:

Browser based hash generation, making use of CryptoJS to allow you to self host a quick and easy hash generator.

Originally built for hashfor.me, this project is a quick hack together of resources to allow you to generate hashes with ease.

You can generate:

SHA3, BMW, Halfskein, MD5, SHABAL, Cube Hash, AES, SHA1, SHA255, SHA512, BLAKE, Rabbit & RIPEMD-160

View a live version at https://hashfor.me

Licensed under BSD-3, Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Hash Generation – Self Hosted

  1. Pinpoint Hash was created to allow users to quickly obtain the hash values for CRC-32, MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 hash values for any file and quickly copy the results to the clipboard for easy transport to any other application.

  2. Then what do we do with the strings in the code? Luckily enough, I defined HASH_STRING(“”) macro. I can just write a C# or python script searching through all the text files in my codebase to find any char* strings wrapped by that macro. Regular expression? sure. Then I would run same hash generation code to get the hash key, and write this into debug.string_db file.

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