jQuery Pseudo Random Number Generator Plugin

Yesterday I released a jQuery plugin to generate true random numbers based on the brilliant work done by Steve Gibson to create an Ultra-High Entropy Pseudo-Random Number Generator.

This takes the work Steve has done, and automates some of the steps used on the demo page such as generating the entropy and setting the range & count for the loops – though you can change those.

Example code

var options = { range: 10001, count: 10001 };
var x = $(this).uheprngGen(options);

You can download the plugin here from Github.

This plugin was featured on the amazing DailyJS site.

One thought on “jQuery Pseudo Random Number Generator Plugin

  1. It would be nice to be able to specify callbacks to handle specific status codes. Supporting this would make extending $.ajax behavior more difficult (for things like http://plugins.jquery.com/project/rest ). So, along with this, it would be nice to support a ‘ready’ callback that would be called once the XHR is done and before any other callbacks are executed.

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